Welcome to Hoover's Honey!

My name is Mike Hoover, I have apiary’s (also known as bee yards)  in Grafton,
Elyria, Sheffield, Lorain Ohio and now in Noble county for over 15 years. 

I have several different size honey containers in bears, quarts and 1 and 2 lb containers.

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I sell Nucs, or Nucleus Colonies, they are small honey bee colonies created from larger colonies.
These Nucs are from my state inspected bees, that survive over winter. The queens
are 1 yr old queens. I re-queen each year. In addition, I will have 50 Nucs
brought in from Florida for sale.

I have 50 new hives for sale with new hand wired wax foundations. (Deep box, screen bottom board, 10 deep frames, inner
cover and telescopic cover) This is all new tongue and grove equipment.

Please contact me for pricing on these items.

contact via email hoovershoney777@yahoo.com / cell 440-668-4153 call or text.